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Apparitions on pictures

On my way to Marie-Madeleine's grotto...

Picture taken by myself at La Sainte-Baume in Var, 2007.

During a family trip near Agen in 2019, I went to a church. During my travels, I often "visit" churches, cathedrals and certain places called "of worship". I like to go to these places filled with spiritual energies. Sometimes you can feel good energies and sometimes not ... It all depends on what happened there. Remember, places have memories.

While heading towards the exit a force calls me and tells me to turn around. I stopped dead and turned to my right, towards the statue of Jesus. First of all, I did not understand my feelings. I spontaneously went to discover this beautiful statue and it was only when I looked up, above the head of Jesus that I saw him once again but impregnated on the wall.

You know, even if i can feel many things, I'm still Cartesian. My first idea was to tell myself that a painting, a statue, a relics, a tapestry or something like that had rubbed off on the wall ... But after careful consideration, and exchanging some words with my friend, it could not be an impression of anything either or an old painting already present on this wall.

I love all these signs that appear on my paths. Like winks and messages of love reminding me that they are (them on the other side of the veil) always with me and therefore with you to help you on your respective life paths. 😉😇

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