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It was by searching the internet for “medium who speaks to the deceased” and seeing Nicolas-David’s photo that I decided to meet him. He inspired me with confidence and seemed kind and caring. 

By making an appointment with Nicolas-David, we meet a very handsome young man in the incarnation of an angel. It is not just any angel, but a being full of love, kindness, empathy who comes to you to help you and accompany you on your path in life. 

To meet him is to grant yourself a bubble of well-being that passes with the most astonishing speed and fluidity! 

The details, indications and forecasts are so insightful!

It was with complete confidence and reason that I went to the office following the death of my mother. He saw perfectly who I was, who I am and enlightened me about my future. I recognize the accuracy of his indications about my parents, my siblings and myself. I come out feeling serene and delighted.

Trust your instinct and give yourself the opportunity to meet this angel, who will exchange with love and kindness, who will be able to enlighten and advise you, even if only once!

I was inconsolable and going through difficult grief. But he knew how to find the right words to answer my questions and comfort me.

I wish him the best and recommend him to my loved ones and to all of you.

Thanks again!


Thank you Nicolas, for this very enriching 1 hour consultation of 07/29/2022.

I had a very pleasant time of kindness, good humor and relaxation.


Thank you Nicolas-David for your kindness, your sympathy; for all the kindness you give.

This consultation really calmed me down and did a lot of good mentally.

Everything you said about me was absolutely right and it totally suited me.


I recommend without hesitation!


And thank you again to you Nicolas-David and the Angels for all these beautiful messages that you have brought me.


See you soon and it is always a pleasure to follow you on the networks (instragram, tiktok, facebook, youtube)

Frank B.

I would like to bring my spontaneous and authentic testimony following a consultation with Nicolas-David. I am scientific and rational in my life. 

However, I was, I admit, “  amazed” by the incredible details of her visions. Without knowing anything about me apart from a first name, he gave me the unusual first name of one of my brothers; spoke to me about a singular peculiarity of my family of origin (very rare) when speaking of my deceased brother, he described to me a subject which was a recurring joke with my brother. 
I can testify that Nicolas-David is gifted with extraordinary gifts, absolute honesty and more than just real human qualities.


Nicolas-David does not do telepathy. I became certain of it yesterday. I asked him at the end of the session how he felt about a person and Nicolas-David described to me what was happening to this person. I admit I didn't believe it because this woman is harmony and balance personified! Well Nicolas-David was right, she told me yesterday that she was tormented with family problems, exactly the words he used!! I still can not believe it !!!


Thank you so much for this incredible and astonishing truth session!

I remain speechless...

The communication that you established with my 3 deceased captivated me, each message was disturbing with truth and details past, present or future. What happiness and joy to have been able to experience this moment, I can never thank you enough. 
As if I were in a telephone conversation with my deceased loved ones!

You are all simply exceptional!!

As for the clairvoyance done for my family wow but it's not possible do you live with us??  You have kindly described each member of my family with precise detail: character, qualities, faults, underlying problems, ambition, projects… 

I am literally amazed!

I hesitated for a long time between doing a session with “Bruno known medium” and you Nicolas-David and I do not regret my choice, your Gift and Talent surpasses him by far.

I can't find words strong and impactful enough to describe this session...

But I can say to you from the bottom of my heart thank you very much for crossing my path and I wish everyone to have this chance. 


Thank you for this consultation Nicolas-David where I learned some good news for my children. You immediately saw the highlights of my past and present life!  It's undeniable you see certain things! 


I will rest by force of circumstances but still difficult things have to be experienced, such must be my karma! I will come back to you. I recommend you.

 A. A.

Good evening Nicolas-David!


We met in June 2016 for a session.  I wanted to give you feedback on your predictions.


3 events have already occurred:


- An uncle's property sold for less. It was about a great uncle who actually died this summer whose land and money disappeared.

- Training for October 2017 and success. I was selected by an organization for training at the end of September 2017 and everything has been validated since.

- An ex who comes back and you're not going to get back together. I didn't know which one at the time but there were two that actually came back shortly after. I got back together with one and a year later it was over again.


Thank you again and I hope that the rest of your predictions can continue to enlighten me. 


See you soon maybe !


First of all, thank you very much for hearing me at this time.


You had a sign that you had to come and dress in white...


My back was blocked with paralysis in my leg... the sciatic nerve. I was on cortisone and apparently my body reacted very badly to the treatment... I was swollen!

You arrived and we settled into my room.  I lay down and listened to you talk...  I didn't understand. I thought I should answer you...


I then listened to you say words... express emotions... cry... Your hands were above my face...  I was sad because it seemed to me that you I was suffering. As if you had taken my pain into you... It lasted 2 hours... I remember a total harmony and an inexplicable well-being...


I said the term "unity".... I cannot explain it... Perhaps we were now one.... I felt a deep warmth invade me... and a lightness take over me...

You told me in 2 days you will be frolicking... and that was the case... I chickened out... And I walked again...


I will never forget this gift you gave me. This generosity which invaded you and which gave me this momentum again...


You are an exceptional person who is out of the ordinary.... Beyond your talent and this innate gift, you are endowed with extreme sensitivity and generosity which makes you an extraordinary being...


Thank you life for crossing your path...

C. - Var

I met Nicolas-David at his office and he immediately amazed me because long before he played cards with me he told me about my old job. 


He saw me with a black pocket (I was a consultant and I visited clients)... 


Nicolas-David is very warm and very empathetic, he has very precise and sometimes amusing flashes of the present and the past (at the time I was collecting shoes) and he says to me “but why do I see so many shoes!!”  


I recommend Nicolas, he is charismatic and we leave his house with a smile.

Amélie - Paris

Hello Nicolas-David,


I would like to sincerely thank you for your session yesterday afternoon (Monday 04/27/20).


I was very touched by your great kindness, your attentiveness, your sincerity but above all for your great mediumistic talent.


I am happy to have met you on my way...chance does not exist...


I will be sure to keep you informed of planned events 😊


I wish you a very beautiful day, Best regards. 


A few minutes... so many things you learn about yourself.


Thank you Nicolas-David for the beauty of these exchanges.


Thank you for allowing me to move forward.


It was a very beautiful meeting, one of those that we do not forget and which builds us forever.


My testimony for a super medium

I met Nicolas-David professionally and I was single at the time.

He came to me and told me that I was going to meet a man and have an adorable little blonde girl with long wavy hair.
I was alone and I was coming out of several disappointments in love and above all a very long journey to have a child with several treatments involved.

He clearly told me that I would have my daughter naturally, although I had unexplained infertility.
Furthermore, after having my daughter, he advised me not to do certain examinations which could lead to the loss of my baby.
I have always taken into account his divine messages and they have all proven to be correct and relevant.
I recommend it to all people in search of truth and serenity.

Trust Him because He is here on your path to help you.
Thank you Nicolas-David my guardian angel, my colleague in the air, my friend....

C.A - Lyon

Nicolas-David is a very gentle and welcoming person who amazed me with his accuracy and the precise details about my life and that of those around me. 


He didn't ask me any questions which pleased me even more.


He was able to describe the characters of my family members and their previous lives, which seemed logical to me given their current lives. He gave me good advice, always with kindness.


It allowed me to understand my partner who was difficult to understand and this was able to improve our relationship.

Many things he predicted to me came true later.


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